Effective Classroom Management and Making the First Days of Classes Significant of the Learners




Dr. Ida Yap-Patron

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This revised edition of EFFECTIVE CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT and Making the First Days of Classes Significant to the Learners is divided into three parts. Part 1 deals with some basic principles and theories which discuss how highly effective teachers can effect genuine change among their students through a liberating classroom atmosphere, but with high expectations that students will succeed and perform well in all areas.

Part 2 deals with the first days of classes where students are highly involved in “knowing the self” and the “others”, team building, personal and group goals setting and equipping them to become better persons and better cope with the rapid change of times and the odd realities that goes with it. The main objective of the lessons and activities is to set the environment and put things right at the start of the classes.

Part 3 of this book deals with “Understanding the Learner through Differentiated Instruction”. It contains 9 sub-topics which cover kinds of differentiated instruction for all types of learners. The sub-topics discuss about how to customize instruction to provide learning opportunities for each student and to bring about creative insights on how to manage differentiated learning environment. The differentiated instructions include groupings for multiple intelligence, ability grouping, project-based grouping, problem-based grouping and interest grouping among others. Part 3 of this book will help teachers in their planning and designing of activities, assignments and tasks to bring about meaningful learning experiences for each type of learner.

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