Introduction to Statistics: Concepts and Application in Research




Dr. David Cababaro Bueno

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INTRODUCTION TO STATISTICS (Concepts and Applications in Research) is structured to present the utmost flexibility and uncomplicated adaptation to undergraduate and graduate school students. This book is designed to help students acquire the necessary statistical skills needed to conduct and be critical consumers of scientific educational research. It is a course aimed at producing careful and accurate researchers as well as astute readers of professional manuscripts and articles from a wide variety of educational settings.

The basic areas to be covered in this course will include measurement and descriptive statistics, frequency distributions, measure of central tendency, and measure of variations. The more advanced topics will include Hypothesis Testing, Correlation, “t” Tests, Z-test, Chi-square Test and F-Test or Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

Each chapter contains the discussion of the basic concepts and applications of statistics. Chapter-end material contains the worksheets and activities to be undertaken by the students to further increase their mastery of the subject matter and for further application. The author believes that the best way to understand and master the bare bones of statistics is to construct and apply this to research setting specially in hypothesis testing. Thus, the book is provided with worksheets for the student to work on before proceeding to the next lesson.

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